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© 2015 by Brie's Bars

Proudly created with love!

  No Artificial Flavors | Quality Protein (Whey + Vegan) | Premium Grade Fiber |

Gluten Free | Non- GMO | Low Sugar | Low Net Carb |

Fresh | Trainer + Doctor Recommended


Brie's offers premium  protein bars + fit treats.


Being born with 1 kidney, I have to be meticulous when choosing protein supplements and the type of sweeteners I consume. After years of trying to find high quality bars + fit treats for me and not succeeding I became passionate about creating my own. 

Inspired by the beach and from my health to yours I created healthy, nutrient dense, high quality protein packed + fiber rich products that I believe in and are result driven. Whether you're trying to stimulate weight loss, gain lean muscle, burn fat, eat healthier or just feel good: Brie's products are for YOU!

I believe consuming high quality ingredients will lead to a high quality life. 

Invest in yourself.  Join the #briesbetter movement!

Through Brie's I've been able to package up my passion for healthy, high quality living and beach-loving good vibes. Brie's products will help you have a beach body all year round. They're "shore" to please. THANK YOU for all of your love + support.

From my health to yours, Brie 

From my health to yours.