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© 2015 by Brie's Bars

Proudly created with love!

  No Artificial Flavors | Quality Protein (Whey + Vegan) | Premium Grade Fiber |

Gluten Free | Non- GMO | Low Sugar | Low Net Carb |

Fresh | Trainer + Doctor Recommended

HEADS-UP! Our online store will be CLOSED November 13 - 18!


Brie's offers premium  protein bars + fit treats.


Brie's was born on the beach. From my health to yours: I created healthy, nutrient dense, high quality protein packed and fiber rich products that I believe in and are result driven. Whether you're trying to lose weight, gain lean muscle, eat healthier or just feel good: Brie's products are for YOU!

I believe that nothing looks as good as healthy feels. 

Being born with 1 kidney, I have to be meticulous when choosing protein supplements and the type of sweeteners I consume. After years of trying to find the right bars + fit treats for me and not succeeding I became passionate about creating my own line. 

From my health to yours, Brie 

From my health to yours. 

Through Brie's I've been able to package up my passion for healthy living and beach-loving good vibes! Brie's products are "shore" to please. I couldn't do it without your love and support, thank YOU!